Thursday Stuff

16 Oct

Ahhhh vacation days.

I have today and Friday off and it is delicious. Work has been vile with all this economic drama and rumors of mass lay offs. They had a meeting yesterday to try and dispel some rumors, and assure us to the best of their ability, but even they couldn’t deny: this is ugly. I was just glad I still had job, and glad I had taken two days off.

So I just went to my first naturopathic doctor. Since stopping the fertility treatments a couple of months ago I have been suffering the effects of the disease double time, which is in addition to the fibromyalga symptoms that I always have. I’ve been to so many doctors and had so much blood taken in the last six months, and still feel like crap (and have no baby). So anyway, I had a Myers Cocktail, which is basically a cocktail of vitamens that you get directly with an IV. It was wild, and I feel really good right now. Between getting those, changing my diet and the traditional methods, I am hoping that things will start to turn around.

Anyway, she was great. She is Romanian and had a really thick accent and kept saying “I thinking something . . . I thinking . . . something . . .”. I felt so good after I left that I bought Starbucks for me and the guy behind me in line.

I had so many things I wanted to blog about when I was driving, and I have been working on sorting out some thoughts on the whole fertility thing — it is really nice to be writing again and have my brain be in that process/write mode.

Today I realized that somewhere along the line I became “that girl”. I had just left my naturopaths office, I was in workout clothes with sunglasses and lipstick, my hair is soccer mom short, I had Starbucks in one hand and New Seasons in the other, and I just thought . . . when did we become these people? I am not unhappy about it, I just sometimes don’t recognize it. (If that last bit made what was I doing sound glamorous, two things to remember: I am fat and I drive a Kia.)

So I am off for more chillaxing. We are going to eat dinner, walk the dogs, go to the gym and then watch a shit load of tv, cause it’s must see TV, yo.

Oh, one more thing. Gypsy is shit eater. Literally, I just them out and she came in and breathed pure shit right in my face. She is licking her lips right now. I could gag.

I am going to send some pics from cell phone later. I forgot I could do that. I would make out with technology if it had a face.


One Response to “Thursday Stuff”

  1. Amber 10/17/2008 at 12:18 am #

    I could gag just reading that description about your dog…thanks!

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