Five Things On My Mind

29 Oct

1. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, the soundtrack. I have not seen this movie yet, but I am loving this soundtrack. Don’t expect to really know anyone on it, I only knew of two of the bands, but expect to DIG IT.
2. Work is a drag right now. As we slow to a grinding halt, people get tense and territorial. That is, if they show up. As I take a long lunch at our lovely Starbucks, there are twenty other people finding really important seminars to attend, or dentist appointments to take . . . the office feels like a ghost town.
3. Nanowrimo! I have two issues. First, I can’t get anything done on the site because it is so overloaded with people. Every year it grows so much. Second, I have the beginning of an outline, but I cannot decide whodunit , if you will. I know from a million creative writing classes that I am supposed to just plow forward and let it reveal itself, but the anal retentive me is feeling like I must have some sort of direction if I am going to crank this out in 30 days. Boop has graciously offered to be my editor, and she says things like: Write backwards! See what happens which is funny because I picture her talking in the voice of Jerry Maguire’s mentor. I don’t know why.
4. Much to B’s dismay, I am busting out the Christmas music early this year. Last year was rushed and chaotic, with an impending surgery and general unfuness. This year we are going to be Merry MoFo’s. (C)
5. I went to Ten 01 last night for a coworkers birthday and I was unimpressed. It was trying to hard you know? I mean, I know its SOP for a place in the pearl to be swanky and pretentious, but this place seemed more like the guy dressing up in the suit than the guy that actually owned the suit. There is this random super rich dude that has a crush on my coworker and he was buying the rounds and the food and had a little VIP section, and I was sitting there clutching my purse looking at my scuffed converse remembering that Marisa Tomei line in My Cousin Vinny, “Oh yeah, you blend”.


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