Holy Bajoly!

5 Nov

You guys, I have started a post and not finished it every day this week. Because I get carried away by my coffee high and all the things I have to say. Ahem. Now I have a back log.

First of all, congrats y’all. Seriously. Happy We Voted Obama Day! I openly wept last night, alternating between being so happy that Obama is our president, never having to deal with Sarah Fucking Palin again, and really missing Tim Russert. Right when I was really crying about Tim, Lisa texted me “RIP Tim” and I laughed out loud because that is precisely why our friendship has endured. And then when I calmed down again, they show Jesse Jackson crying, and I mean, normally, I want to tell Jesse Jackson to STFU, but you guys — he was on the balcony when MLK was shot. Can you imagine how he felt last night?

I am still obsessively refreshing re: Smith / Merkley race. As of six minutes ago it was still 47 / 47 but only 70% of the votes counted. Multnomah County had not been counted, and as you all know that is the more liberal part of our great blue state, so . . . fingers crossed.

I was also working on posting some links of random things that I’ve been reading instead of blogging . . . here a few, if for no other reason than I can clear it off my plate and start a new post!

1. The mystery tattoo! What is it? One of my favorite bloggers, Pamie, last guessed black bean soup, which kills me.
2. Stuff White People Like continues to hit it right on the nose, making me feel assholish and laugh all the same time.
3. I just bought this for the kitchen and oh, my. I love it.
4. Jack Black falling is funny, but him singing about it makes it even funnier.

In other news, remember how I said I was going to do Bikram Yoga? Well, I did and I made B go with me, and we almost died. I am not even kidding you. It was two hours long in a room heated to 110 degrees, and it wasn’t like nice, normal yoga. It was like hold your foot behind your head yoga. And being the competive guy that he is, B was just going balls out, and in case you didn’t know, he can’t even touch his toes. So while I was heeding their advice and laying down taking a time out when I thought I was going to die, he was all, hey look at me doing this crazy swan move! So, yeah. He threw up the whole way home, and doesn’t remember the hour or two after that. I actually started googling “lethargic and pale after workout” because I was so worried. MEANWHILE, I was about four pounds heavier than normal just with wet clothes because you sweat so much.

Bottom line, we made it, but we won’t be going back until we are in better shape. That shit is not for beginners. I start with my personal trainer tonight, so hopefully he can whip me into shape.

Finally, before I go. I have been avoiding the fertility thoughts. I have been going through this entire ocean of thought trying to pick out the few words that will begin to match what it is we look like. I am going to make myself parse this out, and just mentioning it here is step one.

This is the official end of this scatterbrained post.


One Response to “Holy Bajoly!”

  1. Amber 11/06/2008 at 4:13 am #

    Oh…poor Brandon! I have also gone to ONE Bikram Yoga class and totally understand how you felt. I was happier being fat and breathing!

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