6 Nov

Well, I passed on Nanowrimo this year, again, and whilst I feel vaguely looserish about it, I am also looking forward to focusing on some different, less soul sucking projects.

1. You know, the whole “having a baby” thing.
Motherfucker, I’ll tell you what. I want God to give me a refund on every single day I wasted from the age of 16 to 28 worrying that I might get pregnant, taking birth control, or praying for a period. If only it was so easy as forgetting a condom on prom night! Now I have to try and sort out cycle dates and hormones and staggering dissapointment and IVF v. China debates. I know she is out there, so can I just have her? So yeah. This is the mother of all projects, and while I would love to put it off some more, my stupid womb is on a stupid time schedule.

2. See also: Finishing The House
Wait, didn’t I say this list was NOT soul sucking? I love the decorating part, but I swear the nails holes that need puttied on the trim multiply while I sleep.

3. The Yellow Room
This project is born (ha!) from one and two. Our house has three bedrooms, the MB, the office, and what we call the yellow room. The yellow room was supposed to be a nursery, and I know, I know, it will be one day. But right now it is just the room where my vanity is, so I get ready in there. I think I am going to repaint and make it mine all mine.

4. Thanksgiving
My Thanksgiving is going to RULE.

5. Christmas
I am making some of my gifts this year. And not making like: here is jar of layered beans to make bean soup with! but cool things that people will like and use.

6. Looking Good Naked
That is what I told my trainer my goal was. Straight up. Health is secondary, if I can’t have kids then I want to sit around super skinny and super naked, looking super.

7. Fixing Electronic Issues and Networking Issues
My printer doesn’t work, my router is still on the outs, I’m not even speaking to my external hard drive . . . lots to do here.

8. Take Pictures
I have this gazilion dollar camera that is itching to be used.

My OCD really wants me to make this list and even ten, but I feel like these are noble enough endeavors for a girl.

What about you guys? Tell me some projects!


One Response to “Projects”

  1. dashleysteele 11/21/2009 at 4:13 am #

    Why don’t you try getting drunk? It worked for a bunch of girls at my high school.

    (God, I hope you watch friends. Otherwise you will think I’m retarded.)

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