Day 2

2 Apr

I made it to the gym today, which was a monumental feat considering the freezing sideways rain. When I talked to Sara she said it was snowing in Seattle today. On April 1st! Even once I was there I phoned it in, barely breaking a sweat, reading and walking instead of running. Tomorrow starts the real 5k plan.

So, with that pesky working out thing out of the way, I got down to business and knit a hat. I am hoping that I can knit my way into some sort of decision about the future. I recently read about how meditative it is, how every stitch is a prayer. And so when I am not thinking k1, p1, k2tog, I am thinking, spring, baby, spring, baby . . .

Not to put too much pressure on spring or anything, but I will be the crazy one over here in the corner, flagging you in with asparagus and wishes.

And lest anyone think that unemployment is all glamor, I am now wrapping up my day with a nice does of E!’s expose on Anna Nicole Smith.


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