Day 3 through . . .

8 Apr

I don’t even have the excuse of being busy, per se. We had records temps for Portland, three days of 70’s. It was divine.

On the first day we ran over to our local garden store, which was an epic fail. We had our nephew with us, and he was naughty and had a meltdown. We had no idea what we were looking for, and B was trapped in the greenhouses with his awful allergies. When we did find the veggies there weren’t a lot out, and the gardening-help lady wasn’t very helpful at all. Apparently, we are idiots? And things don’t go into the ground yet? Oh, snap, gardening-help lady. If only we knew as much as you!

I started a second hat, in a perfect pink Malabrigo yarn, and ended up having to rip it out right as I was set to decrease. I’ve moved on to Project Make Mom a Scarf. It is lace, and slow going. I am hoping to have it done by Mother’s Day.

Also, I had a lovely little dinner party, our first bbq, and a lot of dog walking. So busy enough, just not in the traditional, earning money way.

I am being seduced by the stay at home wife thing, and I never thought I would. I know that I will feel the pull the work again, and am applying for everything I see. But I am secretly not minding the time, knitting and cleaning and cooking and walking.

Next up, cheese making, closet cleaning and finally, an appointment at the adoption agency.


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