12 Apr

April fools me every time. I always fall for the few sunny days, and I get this sort of springtime ADD, where I run around getting waxed, buying plants, making plans. Then I find myself here, on the couch while the wind blows the rain sideways, with perfectly painted toenails hidden in socks, listening to the background music for the month: basketball.

Earlier I was explaining to B my theory on house decorating, and why I feel that our style should always reflect who we are, and he say’s OH! like he has thought of something great and when I ask what, he says: I am not going to lie here. I just thought about having a grilled cheese sandwich.

So there is that.


One Response to “April”

  1. Carrie 04/28/2009 at 6:11 pm #

    The cheese sandwhich thing cracked me up. Oh brother I love you.

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