Friday Round-Up

30 Apr

I am all over the place today, so it’s time to list it out.

1. After being so down yesterday, today we received a go-ahead for international adoption and an appointment date with a top reproductive specialist. It’s like the universe was giving me a big, sloppy make-up kiss.

2. The first case of Swine Flu hit our state. More alarming than the actual flu is the commentators on that story. A few of the gems:

the funeral homes will have a bonus economic lift soon…IF THEY THEMSELVES DONT DIE

you who make light of this now…just wait….just wait till mother nature in all her beeotchiness TAKES ONE BILLION LIVES with this epic pandemic. (i can dream)

This was cooked up in a lab somewhere and released. It is the perfect reason we should not locate OHSU’s new bio defense?/terror weapons! research facility in a population center. They can’t even keep their research monkeys in their cages. How are they going to contain microbes?

And lastly, this firecracker:

no one can..or will do anything about anything. including this pandemic, global warming, the economy world hunger and hate. thats just the way it is. 99.9% of humans on plnet earth are all about themseles. period. theres nothing that can be done.

(All spelling, of course, left as the authors intended it.)

3. You know when you rediscover a song that you obsessively overplayed and then you obsessively overplay it again? Anyone? Bueller? Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing with “Call It Off” by Teegan & Sara, which I can’t find a decent link to. I was going to leave a link to my second obsession, “Poison Cup” by M. Ward, but I can’t find a decent link that either. What up, YouTube?

4. Hatton vs. Pacquiao this weekend. If Hatton doesn’t win this will be my third straight loss, and that would suck. The end.

5. I haven’t even mentioned that I had to take B to urgent care on Monday and he was diagnosed with Gout. I sent a text to my sister and she wrote back, “WTF is Gout?” My thoughts exactly, sister. Turns out it’s a terribly painful arthritis condition. We bemoaned it while I knit a sock and he chased the neighborhood kids away with a stick.

Wait, what?


One Response to “Friday Round-Up”

  1. Carrie 05/01/2009 at 5:52 pm #

    This cracks me up. I am not sure what bemoaned is but the thought of Brandon chasing the neighbor kids with sticks is funny.

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