It’s just another Manic Monday

11 May

Ha! By “manic” I of course mean not manic at all. It’s 9:45 and I’m still in the pants I slept in, with my hair pulled back into the closet thing it gets to a ponytail, and I’ve decided to take a rest before I garden or walk the dogs. The gym felt entirely too lofty today, and besides, I have spring-cleaning to do.

It actually deserves some capitalization; I have some Spring Cleaning to do. I am going to get after it, one room at a time. The thing about unemployment is that you spend a lot of time in your house. A LOT. You don’t have enough money to go out and do things, so you are home pretty much all day every day. I go to the gym, I grocery shop, etc. but that is the extent of my outings. It’s funny how you learn to expand to fit a day. When I was working 40 or 50 hours a week, grocery shopping could be done on the way home from work in a half hour tops. Now I’m like my mom, making it a two-hour event, reading labels and looking for deals. Someone will ask if I want to do something Tuesday and I’m like, sorry, grocery shopping that day!

I know, I want to punch myself.

Aaaaannywaaay, because all of this time is spent in the house, it needs to be kept nice. Do you know how much damage two people not working can do to a house in one 5 hour stretch? This is where Spring Cleaning comes in. B is putting up a fence in the backyard, and I am going to take as many bags as possible to Goodwill. I am going to do some before and after pictures here, because I’m awesome like that, and I know the internet needs a few more people chronicling the mundane asshole chores that we all have to do. You’re welcome!

Today I am going to start with the entry. STOP BITING YOUR NAILS! It’s bad for you, and I will post photos today!

Other things on the to do list today:

1. Finish the sock. The effing sock! The Sock That Took Forever. When I am done with this sock the joy will be short lived, because I will just have to start on the other sock. Mother.

2. Read vampire fiction: My awesome sister-in-law just gave me books 3 – 9 of the books that HBO’s True Blood is based on. Vampires it is!

3. Fill out application for the Bunk Uterus Doctor. I will post about this update later today.

(a). Write post about Bunk Uterus Doctor.

4. Take dogs for walk.

5. Plant garden.

I was going to sign off “xoxo” because that is always how I’ve signed emails but Gossip Girl went and stole it and now all I can hear is that silly voice when I type it.



3 Responses to “It’s just another Manic Monday”

  1. Amber 05/11/2009 at 8:12 pm #

    You can bring your Goodwill donations to my house and I’ll try to raise $$ at our RFL garage sale. : ) And…you can Spring Clean at my house too if you need additional practice!

  2. T 05/13/2009 at 2:19 am #

    I spent an hour shopping and reading labels and two hours washing, cutting and putting the shit away.
    I’m not sure does that mean I need to get a babysitter when we get kids? How the f am I gonna feed the thing otherwise. 🙂

  3. Jim 05/14/2009 at 9:28 pm #

    So your going to tackle the entry eh. All 12 square feet or is lunch/break involved. Maybe tomorrow you can move up to a closet or something huge like that.

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