Summer colds and wiener shirts

1 Jun


That is my succinct summation of the past few days. After the appointment I just felt . . . draggy, and tired. I thought it was my body catching up with the news. Just being so tired of all this. Turns out it is a summer cold. I HATE summer colds. It is so much harder to do the appropriate level of nothing a cold requires when the world is lit up and chirping and hot and iced tea outside.

B’s gout came back, tenfold. If you can believe it, it is from the spinach salad I made last week. Spinach! I went to the pharmacy to get a ton of prescriptions for him yesterday, and I was barely standing straight anyway, all swimmy in the head the way you get when you have a bad head cold. So I am telling the lady behind the counter that B has gout, and she is asking me questions, and I tell her that the doctor thinks it’s from the spinach salad. She stops, looks at me, and says, “Are you kidding me?’ and I say, “I know! Wild, right?” and she says, “I just find it ironic that you are telling me this while wearing a Popeye shirt.”

Oh. Heh. Of course, because I am the Queen of Saying Stupid Shit*, I then told her that the reason that was EXTRA funny was because I had changed before I came because I did have on the shirt with a wiener dog on it that says, “I love my wiener”. Which is totally true, I did change out of that shirt, but also more information than she needed.

*When I was a paralegal I had this boss that terrified me. He was really smart, he wanted his information really fast, and he was socially awkward. Between his social awkwardness and my Queendom . . . it was never good. I avoided being alone with him at all costs. Once, however, I was stuck in the tiny kitchen with him, and he made some comment about the dry cleaning hanging on the door. So I say, “Oh, is that yours?” and he looks at me for a beat and says slowly, “Well, it’s a yellow dress. So, no.”

It wasn’t even in a ha! kind of way either, but more like he pitied the fool that birthed me. Stupid lawyers.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got today. I’m off to do the same thing that we did yesterday: lots of fluids, back to back episodes of Californication, intermittent napping, and dosing B with various pills. Party at my house!


One Response to “Summer colds and wiener shirts”

  1. T 06/03/2009 at 2:03 am #

    That is too funny Linds. lol Rock on Popeye!!
    Sucks that B has Gout I had no idea you can get it from freaking veggies. So I looked it up thinking I was not understanding exactly what it is. I guess I see how that would work. As I was Wiki educated I learned I wasn’t sure about it at all and am still confused.
    Protein causes issues in addition to other foods. That has to just be one of the biggest bitches about it is trying to figure out what you can and can’t have. They said maybe Tofu though is ok does he like Tofu? I love tofu as long as it is cooked right. It so easily takes on the flavor of what it is cooked with and can be the taste of any sauce or herb. Love it! But I can’t cook it worth a shit….going to try to find a place to take a one night class on it.
    I hope you guys both feel better soon.

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