18 Aug

Despite all of my babydrama*, I have been getting some things on the summer list done. The weather here has been fall-like in the past few days, and I’ve suddenly realized summer isn’t going to last forever.

*God. Are you over it like I am? Like, let’s just get a fucking baby and move on, right? It should be so easy!

Anywho. Let’s break this biayatch down.

1. Pick berries
2. Make jam
3. Ride bikes around Hagg Lake
May have to revise this. B tells me that while he isn’t sure exactly how many miles it is, it’s “a fucking lot”. I still think we could ride for awhile and have a lunch. He is such a naysayer.
4. Watch a movie outside
I can’t find my pictures of this, which is stupid because the set up was really cool. We did this out at the farm. We set up a projector and a canvas screen, and while we waited for it to get dark we had s’mores by the fire. (I knit while all of this was going on, which was both awesome and sticky.) Once it was dark we moved all the chairs down, and I demanded that I not be on the outside because I was too scared. I need not have worried, because the movie (The Unborn) wasn’t that scary. We had the surround sound hooked up too, and I’m confident the neighbors were wondering what kind of kill fest was going on at good old Peacock Lane.
5. Go camping
This is probably not going to happen. I forgot that I hate camping. I used to camp all the time. I want to love it again, but I just cannot for the life me understand the pull to an event that involves sleeping on the ground and a lack of solid hygiene. A girlfriend of mine (and I use that term lightly, which is another blog post altogether) just got back from camping at Crater Lake and the mosquitoes were so bad that her year-old son had bites covering his body. She was talking about how they would slather bug repellent on him and then he would play and it would turn to mud with all the dust all around and I was just standing there, staring at her with a horrified look on my face. Like . . . why? Good Lord, woman, get a cabin. Or at least a yurt.
6. Spend the night outside with the boys
7. Watch stars with B
8. Go to an outdoor concert
9. Sew something
10. Can big batches of tomato sauce using tomatoes from the garden
11. Make ice cream
12. Make and freeze big batches of pesto
13. Make gazpacho
14. Take the dogs to the creek
15. Zipline
16. Take a vacation
This, of course was our eight days in Bend, which came into our lives right when we needed it. I know I mentioned the cabin briefly here, but let me just say again: I was worried. This was a family cabin that we had never used, and while most of you aren’t familiar with Bend, we knew it was on the river next to the homes that are in the 2 million dollar range, but we were also told it was a “fixer upper” with no a/c and no internet connection. Yikes. So it was more than a pleasant surprise to get there to find that although it stuck out like sore thumb next to the two million dollar homes, it was a solid home with a awesome deck right on the water. I was so happy.

Most photos from this vacation are some version of this:


Or this:


It was eight days straight of reading, and kayaking, with the occasional hike or sight-seeing thrown in. Divine.
17. Learn to golf
18. Take the boys to the Saturday Farmers Market
19. Have a gourmet picnic
20. Go downtown and take pictures all day:
Half Done. Last weekend was my moms birthday so my sister took the day off and the three of us ladies played downtown for awhile. We had early lunch at Old Wives’ Tales, got doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts, shopped at Butterscotch, and then headed back over and went to Powell’s. It was a great day, but I didn’t get a ton of pictures. I think that I need to meander by myself for the day.

The Best Friend has the week off, so I am going to try and recruit her to help me cross some more things off my list. This list has been such a good way to focus on summer that I am going to make one for fall.

Of course, there are so many things that can’t even think to put on the list that have happened this summer. Today The Best Friend came over with her baby and we spread a blanket out in the back yard and ate zucchini muffins and took pictures and soaked up sun, and it was so perfectly summer the list would have just made it planned-like. Yeah, I said it. Planned-like.


5 Responses to “Check!”

  1. The Best Friend 08/18/2009 at 3:42 pm #

    It was perfect. A perfect summer afternoon. I loved it… and you.

  2. carrie 08/18/2009 at 5:47 pm #

    I had a blast at all of these events. Of course the vaca to bend, but we might get to go with them next time.

  3. Papa 08/18/2009 at 7:34 pm #

    I’m up for two rounds of golf. First round, keep score and second round, try to improve score.

  4. Sara 08/24/2009 at 8:04 pm #

    I love your list and all the fun things you have done this summer (planned-like and not)! It warmed my heart reading it, thank you for the update. I too am going to make one for fall cuz ya know how I love lists!

  5. Missy 08/27/2009 at 2:35 pm #

    Sounds like you had a great summer. I’m like you where there are some things I feel I need to do every year to enjoy summer. My favorite is Shakespeare in the Park.

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