Congratulations! You are another asshole blogger!

23 Sep

I don’t know if it’s the stress in my life or just a general deterioration of my brain from too much reality television, but my posts are scattered and not very cohesive. This is probably bad news for my readership, now up to twelve, thanks to a fun new reader. I want to offer you the good writing that I am capable of producing, but all my brain seems to churn out is snide pop culture remarks and nervous surrogate talk.

I know, right? Congratulations! You are another asshole blogger! But it’s different than that, I know some of you know. I read your blogs and you read mine and we bounce and ping off of each other in this weird cyberspace and it feels like it is more important than reading each others random lists of thoughts.

It’s funny, but my physical self is exactly like my mental self these days. I just went to the doctor today with the chief complaint of just not feeling good. Today’s shocking news: it might be an ulcer, from all the worrying. And y’all, I’m worried about worrying. I try to mitigate the worry, to only worry about clear and present danger, but this infertility business, it is if nothing else the business of worry.

Now I’m worried this post sucks. You see how this can be a viscous cycle.

The good news is that I am going to start a new blog feature, so that only every three or so posts deal with infertility. And since the Summer List was such a hit, I’ve begun working on the Fall List. If you make one too, send me a link (or leave your list in the comments of the upcoming post) and we can all cross off glorious fall things together.


6 Responses to “Congratulations! You are another asshole blogger!”

  1. Lelo 09/23/2009 at 4:41 pm #

    Nice job lame ass.

    Hee hee. Just kidding. Who can blame you about the ulcer? Helllooooooo.

    I’m not sure what to put on my Fall list. I’ve never made one. Oooh I do know: to go to Bauman’s Farm in Gervais for pumpkins, fall decor, to pet the goats, fresh pressed cider, and cider donuts. I think I also want to go out through the gorge for some walks and fall color. I guess I do have a Fall list! Your blog is magic.

  2. MeAndBaby 09/23/2009 at 7:18 pm #

    Worry schmorry. Your post does not suck. There’s one you can check off your worry list! 🙂

  3. girlvaughn 09/23/2009 at 8:07 pm #

    DUDE! I totally have a self-diagnosed ulcer. I keep meaning to research how to self-treat it.

    I also meant to make a Fall list. Is it too late? I’m now stressing myself over the fact that I need to MAKE the Fall list AND complete it in less than 3 months!

    Maybe I will just copy your Fall list… Will you add “Move to NW”? That way you can cross it off and feel a sense of accomplishment and I can show it to Husband and say “See, we have to do everything on the list!”

  4. Cathy 09/23/2009 at 11:18 pm #

    Love….you have been a little worrier since the very day you popped out!

  5. papa 09/23/2009 at 11:39 pm #

    Well with B home from the woods and the baby maker back from vacation, it seems like a good time to catch your breath and stop worrying before something really requires you to worry. I mean things like, are the chickens lonely without the rooster, is Lucy’s tooth okay, Halloween, papa’s birthday and etc. Perhaps you should insitute a 1 hour per/day worry free zone eh.

    My fall list does not include going for pumpkins. I don’t think pumpkins like being portrayed as satan worshipers or toothless hillbillies. Then they have to come all the way back and be the pumpkin pie that grandma always made at Thanksgiiving. Then they all seem to go into the trash bin. Not a very happy exisitence.

    My fall list is to co-exisit with the pumpkins and offer a shoulder during their tumultous short lives.

  6. Raz 09/26/2009 at 5:49 pm #

    Your posts don’t suck. That’s one worry to take off the list.

    Oh, and you should totally throw away that Worry List, the ulcer doesn’t approve.

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