Quick Update

22 Oct

Good news, dudes: according to my research* fall doesn’t end until December 21st. I have been thinking that I am running out of time to make and then implement a list of fun fall things. Furthermore, I was wondering if I should separate out my holiday goodness from the fall list, and now I see that will not be necessary. Internet five!

*By research I of course mean entering “When does fall end?” into my Google toolbar.

I am heading to Bainbridge Island for a girly weekend, and it comes at a time where each of us ladies needs girl time like air. We have an actual agenda of things we need to discuss. I keep emailing her with more things to add, like: How your ex totally named his kid a douchey name! Are we all watching Glee? Will B suddenly find himself attracted to our babymama when she gets pregnant because she is like, carrying on his genes and stuff? It promises to be a fabulous time.

I leave you with two things: a promise to come back with some awesome fall pictures, and FUCKING MARIA’S latest FB update:

FUCKING MARIA: well hm dad was doing well a little high from the drugs but took care of the problem. now going to clean and do some studyin I swear the group of the nurses and docs are just like greys anatomy lol it was funny they were talking about who wants to pr…ep for surgury I got asked to mabie do a intership with a surgent that would be awesome in the next 8 months before I am dn with college. mabie a possibity for my hrs



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