Weekend Plans

7 Nov

My nephews are coming for a sleepover.

We are having dinner, watching a movie, eating peanut butter popcorn, and carving a pumpkin. (One small pumpkin that Andrew has been carrying around for about a month, waiting for a sucka like me to agree to carve.)

In the morning we are having pumpkin pancakes and making these cute terrariums.

Saturday we are going to drop the boys off, stop at our babymamas house to give her a bag of goodies, head to goodwill to find the pieces we need for our 80’s ensemble for a party next weekend, going to Mexican food, and then FINALLY going to see Paranormal Activity.

Sunday morning we are going to watch movies that are overdue until it’s time to go to the in-laws house for a birthday party.

In between all this I am going to knit my brains out, because Christmas is coming and I have 1,000 fabulous ideas.

Also, I found a box of pictures from 1990 to about 2000, and listen people: I’m firing the scanner up. This shit is PRICELESS.

Are you guys tired of hearing from me yet? I can’t believe it’s only seven days into Nablopomo. I hope we still like each other in the morning!


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