Someone you should meet

27 Mar

A month or so ago, B and I went to Ikea for some boring stuff, and I was determined that I would not leave that store without something for the baby. Since every item in every store is one sex or another, it is really hard. So I ended up with . . . (wait for it) . . . a bag of finger puppets.

I mean, seriously. The kid won’t even have the dexterity to grab one for a solid couple of months. But it was something! So of course I open it when I get home, and it turns out that the rest of the family (me, B and the dogs) love finger puppets! So much so that one of them, a rather porny looking ballerina, became the mascot for Team Swan Has A Baby.

Meet Matilda the Mascot:

Testing paint for the baby wall:

Hanging out with Gypsy:

A little sleeper:

Anyway, I just thought you should meet her. She’s a real hit over here.


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