Why do I suck at Twitter?

9 Nov

I suck at Twitter, and I don’t really understand why. I think it’s because I don’t really know the people I’m tweeting with, whereas with Facebook I’ve known most of those people for years. Also, inconsistency. My phone had a major malfunction months ago and I lost the ability to tweet from it, so months go by without any action.

Here is the question, though: do I care? I don’t know. I would love to know what you guys think I am missing by not being more involved.

Also, I am not friends with some of you on FB, which is where I am most of the time. Let me know who you are and I will friend you!

Oh, and same with Twitter, I suppose. I haven’t completely given up there, just not sure that I should continue. I am @mrslswan.

As an apology for this post, I offer you a picture of the cutest girl I’ve ever seen:


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