I am too tired to have a life

15 Nov

B is out for the evening, and Fiona is on night four in her crib. It’s not even 8:00 pm and I could do so many things. I could finish knitting my hat, start another one, make banana bread, read my book, catch up on Tivo, call my sister, go to the gym even! Alas, none of those options is what my heart is calling for.

I am going to bed, and if I am being honest I am really excited to go to bed. This staying home with the baby thing is the best thing and the hardest thing that I have ever done.

So judge me if you must, but do so silently because I am delicate little flower. I am going to have some sweet sleep, and try not to have any wild nightmares, because they have been crazy lately and I always want to tell you about them, but then . . . you know, that’s always lame.

Goodnight, my lovelies.


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